My Naughty Babysitter

My Naughty Babysitter

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He likes his babysitters young, beautiful, and most of all: naughty.


I was hired by Trevor MacAllister to look after his five-year-old daughter.  But after Tatum’s asleep, I wander around his home …

… and discover a filthy s*x tape!

Yes, the handsome pilot made a dirty video with a flight attendant …

… and now I want him to make one with me!


Is my teenage babysitter crazy?  No way am I making a tape with her.  Mabel’s barely legal for crying out loud.

But soon, the luscious curvy girl is dancing around my house, wearing lacy lingerie …

Giggling while throwing me teasing looks…

And before I know it, the video camera is ON!

Hold your horses!  Or actually, let them run wild and free because this is a story that will get your blood pounding like never before.  Mabel and Trevor decide to enjoy one another despite their age gap because who isn’t attracted to a gorgeous, tanned single dad who’s endowed like a HORSE?  Even better, our couple decides to join the Mile High Club in a VERY inventive way, so click “read” to see what happens!  This is a follow-up to My Crush’s Father, but all of my stories are standalones and can be read in any order.  Enjoy!