Obsessed With My Mom's Ex

Obsessed With My Mom's Ex

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My mom’s handsome ex-boyfriend likes to play with dolls of a very *special* type.


One night, grunts fill the hallway outside my room.  It’s a total racket keeping me awake, so I decide to investigate.  But when I open the bedroom door, HOLY SMOKES!  Let’s just say that I had no idea Brad was into this kind of thing …

Because my mom’s boyfriend is in his room…

Hips pummeling away at a life-size Barbie…

And yes, it’s what you think.

She’s a *pretend* woman made of silicone.

Even crazier, she’s blonde, busty … and looks just like me.

Not only that, but I catch a glimpse of Brad’s tool as he does his work, and it’s *enormous.*  Veiny.  Dripping.  My mouth waters as my knees go weak.  Now, I want to give Brad the real thing …

because I’m better than a fake doll, hands down.


Chrissy’s plan is painfully obvious:  her, in the place of my life-size Barbie.

Trust me, I can tell the difference between a doll and a luscious, beautiful teenage blonde.

But we’re enmeshed in this game now …

And I love claiming Chrissy’s curves, again and again, as she writhes and mewls beneath my heavy weight.

Even crazier, I want to get Chrissy pregnant …

… because that’s something no doll can do!

This is a follow-up to Pregnant By My Dad’s Best Friend (Dane and Jamie’s Story) and Pregnant By My Best Friend’s Dad (Ed and Jamie’s story).  Brad went to college with both Dane and Ed, but he’s got his own brand of being BAD because he’s got a fetish that’s deliciously disturbing … and our heroine wants a part of it!  Get your iced tea ready because you’ll need gallons to calm down after reading this story!  All of my books are standalones, and can be read in many order.  Again, my stories are off the reservation, and NOT intended for sensitive readers.  Buyer beware.