Obsessed with the Man of the House

Obsessed with the Man of the House

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Gray Thomas is an arrogant a$$hole.  The man of the house has always been infuriating, with a smirk on his sculpted lips and gleam to his bright blue eyes.  I’ve watched him strut around the house for years now, clad only in boxers while showing off those six pack abs and sculpted pecs.  But now, I’m going to teach the alpha male a lesson because his business is in trouble …

… and I’m the only person who can save it!

But I want something in return.  After all, I’ve been obsessed with Gray for years now.  Not only that, but he has something that’s thick, hard, long and utterly massive....

… and I want to see for myself!

Filthy?  Wrong?  Taboo?  It doesn’t matter because I’m utterly obsessed.


I need Vanessa’s help. My business is in a tough spot, and an infusion of cash would be just the thing.  But the curvy girl wants to drive a hard bargain, and I’m conflicted.  After all, the brat doesn’t realize it, but obsession is a two-way street and she’s about to learn her lesson the hard way.

Hey Readers – This book is a follow-up to A Princess for Daddy.  In this story, the tables are turned because usually the man of the house rescues the brat, but in this case, it’s the curvy girl stepping in for the rescue!  But where did Vanessa get all that cash?  Read and find out because this story has a twist that will leave you gasping with surprise (and shock, and a lot of other things too)!  As usual, my books contain taboo scenes and are not appropriate for sensitive readers.  HEA guaranteed.