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I was hard up for cash, so I decided to work as an escort.  But imagine my surprise when I open the hotel room door to see my ex standing there!

Matt’s gorgeous with piercing blue eyes, a chiseled six pack, and best of all, a GIANT anaconda that makes me scream.

Even crazier, my gorgeous ex says he’ll pay me handsomely for my work ...

... and add a HUGE bonus if I take him RAW!


I never thought that Leni would become a working girl.  It’s a long fall for the sassy, curvy brat I dated freshman year of college.  But one thing I know is that she’s ripe ... she’s wet ... and she’s open to new experiences.

Because not only will I pay Leni a bonus for taking me raw ...

... I’ll pay her even MORE to service my boyfriend too!

Yes, you heard right.  This is a MMF romance where a second alpha male materializes out of nowhere, to the surprise our curvy heroine.  He’s huge, dripping, and he ALSO likes it raw.  Does Leni freak out?  Does she lose her senses and faint?  Or does she fall to her knees in worship because not only is our heroine going to make a LOT of money, but she’s going to get a double load of creamy fun right where it counts!  You guessed it!  These stories are filth personified, so DO NOT READ if you’re easily offended.  This is a MMF bisexual romance, so swords absolutely cross.  HEA guaranteed.