Second Helpings

Second Helpings

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We did a filthy swap, and now she belongs to us.


My brother Jack and I belong to a group called Dads and Daughters.  The club is exclusive, very private, and naughty AF.

After all, as long-haul truckers, we need relief after sixteen-hour days on the road.  That’s where the daughters come in.

They meet our every need.

But Sienna is a woman who gives more than you expect.

The curvy girl gives and gives and gives because it’s her first time.

Or more accurately, it was her first time … with us, plural.

After all, my brother and I are demanding men.

We like our women to have big appetites …

And it’s up to us to teach Sienna how to enjoy second helpings.


The sassy girl gets taught the lesson of a lifetime by two handsome, OTT alpha males who know the ins and outs of trucking like the back of their hand.  Technology plays a dirty role in this story, but it’s a fun kind of technology that will make you start looking up words in Urban Dictionary with a blush on your cheeks.  No swords cross because this story is all about HER.  No cheating, no cliffhangers, and always an HEA for my readers.