Shared By The Single Dads

Shared By The Single Dads

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My parents are kicking me out of the house, and I need to find a job today.  NOW.

Fortunately, three single dads in the neighborhood are looking for a babysitter.

Fred’s got a broad chest and a huge drill that makes my thighs clench together with anticipation.

Steve has steel blue eyes and a MASSIVE wrench that literally causes me to scream.

And Mark’s the worst with his knowing smirk and hard-as-nails screwdriver that make my knees fly up as I pant and gasp.

Even worse … I enjoy all three men at once.

Is this wrong?

Or is being shared by the single dads the best thing that’s ever happened to me?

Oh la la!  This book is a follow-up to Sophia’s story in Draining Him Dry.  Yes, the shenanigans continue with a tale that will blow your mind because Fred, Steve, and Mark are gorgeous, virile, red-blooded alpha males, but are they hiding something?  Have they done this before with ANOTHER babysitter from their past?  And what happened to her?  Follow Everly on her sensuous journey because these single dads have no morals, and she’s out for a BIG surprise!  Go on, click “Read” to enjoy!  HEA guaranteed.