She's Got Male

She's Got Male

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I went to the gynecologist for a “female issue.”

The problem?

That the man of the house insisted on coming too.

Mr. Robertson is gorgeous, tall and strong, with broad shoulders and a long, thick anaconda that makes my mouth water.

Best of all?

He just got divorced from my mom.


Anita’s got a female problem.  The innocent girl’s climaxes are so powerful that they can push a man’s member out. 

Little does the brat know ...

But I have just the solution ...

Which includes a HUGE SIZE tool that her curves can’t eject!

Is this story for real?  Or is this a joke?  In Romancelandia, anything, and I mean ANYTHING, can happen and that includes shafts SO BIG that they cause the ladies to cry out with ecstasy and more!  Even better, the man of the house has exactly what the brat needs ... both medically and otherwise!  This story is a follow-up to RAW x2 but all of my tales are standalones and can be read in any order.  Again, this book takes things to an extreme so DO NOT BUY if you’re easily offended!