The Centaur's Huge Gift:  A Secret Anatomy Romance

The Centaur's Huge Gift: A Secret Anatomy Romance

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Lexi:  I like them huge, and I mean MASSIVE.  In fact, the only appendage that could possibly satisfy me belongs to a horse.  But how and where would I find one?  Even more, what kind of man would that be?

John:  The curvy girl’s in for a surprise because she says she has animal needs.  Lexi claims that nothing short of a stallion could possibly quench her desire, and the sheer frustration is making her crazy.  But what Lexi doesn’t realize is that I’m a centaurand I have just the horse anatomy to make her scream!

What in the world?  Clearly, this series is called The Shape of Love for a reason, and that’s because our heroes deliver beyond your wildest expectations.  Yes, in this story Lexi’s in for a surprise because she’s been desperate for massive size and has no idea where to get it.  Lucky for her, a handsome cowboy on the range happens to do more than just work with equines … because John also BECOMES a mighty stallion, to her pleasure and delight!  Hold your horses (hahaha) because this tale will blow your socks off!  Warning:  extreme size and recto-vag*nal breeding practices ahead.  DO NOT BUY THIS BOOK if you’re easily offended.  This book is a follow-up to Breeding the Brat, but my books are standalone and can be read in any order.